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[RM] Red Machine Gangs Go to Edinburgh Castle!?

As desiring to discover the city of Edinburgh more, we all agreed to go to the Edinburgh Castle tour coordinated by EIFF in the morning of June 20th. We were lucky to have such a good tour guide in kilt who had good sense of humor and good looking Scotsman ;D, although we had to cut the time because some of us needed to catch up with some of the screenings.

To me just wanted to spend as much time as possible with my old friend, Cheryl. There were a lot to catch up!! We had a good amount of talk and very delicious lunch, then we had to get back to the hotel that she had to catch up on a train to go back to London that evening. I really thank her who came all the way from London to Scotland by train during her very busy schedule.

from left to right: Lee Perkins, Scotsman in kilt ;D, Alec Boehm, Stephanie Argy

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