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[RM] Red Machine Gangs Go Hiking on Holyrood Park!

If you ever attend Edinburgh International Film Festival, you have to expect that there are tons of "After Parties" every night. Here we, Red Machine gangs, were... trying to attend as many as parties but none of us are 'drinkers.' Well, that doesn't mean we are not welcomed to the party.

As mentioned in the previous blog, there was our 'After Party' of The Red Machine after our first international premiere. Then the next morning, Stephanie, Alec, Lee, and I went hiking on Holyrood Park in Edinburgh. It was a bit chilly in the morning but it's actually the best weather to go on hiking. At first, we all were fine walking, talking, and enjoying the view... then when we had to go on hundreds of stairs, Steph and Alec easily went ahead and Lee and I were out of breath!?!?! Whew... that was tough stepping on stairs! We were wondering, though, and then we found out it was because we had some "The Red Machine" cocktail at the previous night! It must be it! (Well, we were so ashamed that we were out of shape... and we needed an 'excuse' ;D)

Anyhow, we made it to the top of the hill!! How gorgeous it was!! We could see both the ocean and the city from there. The weather was still nice and the chilly air just stayed our bodies cool. We had such a wonderful time there. We took time to walk down on the hill and stopped by at a small lake. Then we headed back to the hotel. The coolest thing about Edinburgh was that we were able to walk without map and come back to where we started. It's very easy to walk around.

After the hike, I had a short time of rest and headed to VideoTech to watch some films that I would be able to watch at their screenings but love to check out. I will talk about the films I saw, maybe in later blogs....

Left Picture, from left to right: Lee Perkins, Alec Boehm, Stephanie Argy

Right Picture, from left to right: Alec Boehm, Stephanie Argy, Lee Parkins

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