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[RM] My Last Day at Edinburgh International Film Festival

On June 20th, there was an after party of Runaway. I had never stayed late at any parties but this time was different because I met a few new filmmakers and EIFF staff, and the filmmakers who I'd met in the past week and had good time catching up how their screenings went. Not only having such a good time there, but also I knew this would be the last party I could attend since I was leaving early in the morning of Tuesday.

Once I came back to the hotel room where Stephanie Argy and Alec Boehm (co-directors) had me share the room, they were still up, so we had our own 'tea party' at the room with some shortbread cookies  

Time flied since I arrived in Edinburgh a week ago.... It's June 21st when Donal Thoms-Cappello who was the first one leaving for Los Angeles through several stopovers from Glasgow very early morning. That day was a kind of quiet and very mellow.... I stayed mostly at VideoTech and watched as many as films I could again. I was still enjoying watching all those well-done films that made me inspired and satisfied. Maybe later, I hope to blog about, especially this particular film that I actually cried in front of the computer and with my headset on because I was touched by several scenes where I could feel the emotions the Actors brought into the camera. 

The reminding RM gangs: Stephanie Argy, Alec Boehm, Lee Perkins and I went to the last dinner together and we had to head back to the room earlier because, especially I had to pack! While I was packing, Steph and Alec prepared for the last 'tea party' and we had such a good time accompanying each other. Now I miss the tea party with them!! ;D

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