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[RM] Meet The Filmmaker Workshop Panel

Co-directors of The Red Machine: Stephanie Argy and Alec Boehm, are very nice people.... who always support the festivals they attend by volunteering to talk at workshops. Here at Edinburgh International Film Festival, they planned to talk about how The Red Machine was made at workshop panel on June 17th before our first screening. This time, though, they invited their actors: Donal Thoms-CappelloLee Perkins, and myself as speakers too.

Because we were a small group in the room, we conducted more like a group discussion where we asked the audience to introduce themselves and asked about their films. Of course, Steph and Alec explained how the film was made  and answered questions the audience had. But during the course, we were so homy-friendly and enjoyed the discussion and meeting those filmmakers who came to the panel.

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The Red Machine (feature film) I\'m starring in will be screening at Woods Hole Film Festival on August 4th and has been selected to be an Opening Night Movie a

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