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Producing A Second Short Film

Another friend of mine asked if I were interested in being in his film that he wanted to direct for the first time. There were some sexual intentions involved but I agreed to help him out. This film is for an online competition but of course once we are done, we'd like to submit to as many film festivals as possible.

We had the first meeting for this project today. Just 2 people's act. We've got the scrīpt that was given by the competition and includes only a few pages. It's the shortest film I would ever do. There aren't many dialogues, that means you have to act clearly and be more creative especially for the director because you have to clearly tell the story within the minutes.

I am not sure what images the director has for the scene and and haven't decided what character I should play yet. What is for sure is it's gonna be fun. We are planning to shoot in two weeks from now. I can't wait for filming!!

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The Red Machine (feature film) I\'m starring in will be screening at Woods Hole Film Festival on August 4th and has been selected to be an Opening Night Movie a

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