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Hometown Monte Carlo, New York
Location Hong Kong
Job TV Host and sometime model
Gender Male
English Name Lisa S.
Member Since August 27, 2005
Fans 11,336
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I've just been crowned "Princess Bathtime" by my Lil' Ray Ray. Boy have times changed... #mommylife #diariesofahousewife #ivealwayswantedtobeaprincess #justneverthoughtmykingdomwouldbeabathtub #illtakewhaticanget

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The next time someone asks you ( uhum husbands, boyfriends and significant others), why do you need so many bags, just refer them to this diagram. I mean come on, a girl needs a bag for EVERY occassion, right? :-P

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Nothing like new gym clothes to motivate me! Thanks @adidashk! You guys rock!! #adidashk #nopainnogain

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RT @UnusualFactPage: Respect the people who find time in their schedule to see you, and love the people who never look at their schedule wh…

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Pure happiness with my Ray Ray. #love #happykid #happymom #shessodarncute

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Lisa Selesner

MC / Show Host , Model

Hometown Monte Carlo, New York
Member Since August 27, 2005
Location Hong Kong
English Name Lisa S.

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