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lipstickgallery. A Jewel within a Lotus.

dolly fury. Artiste. paint in oils. actress/dancer/painter. australia films UNDERCOVER. directed by david elfik. cine by dean semler [dances with wolves etc. KITTY & the BAGMAN. directed by donald crombie. produced tony buckley. CATHYS CHILD IN SEARCH OF ANNA. WINTER OF OUR DREAMS. directed by donald crombie.

TELEVISION. sherbert special. [shot at smokey dawsons ranch.] norman gunston show. [dancer] young doctors. played nurse doreen restless years. various commercials. pizza hut, coca cola etc.


ART FROM THE HEART. Actress Dancer Artist, DOLLY FURY, is an artist with a distinctive flair. A flair for colour, for characters and for real life situations. DOLLY paints with honestly and feeling allowing her inner self to flow thru to her canvases.

Dolly had no formal training as an artist and one day ,10 years ago, bought a canvas and started painting. Engrossed in her work, her free style developed from there.

DOLLY looks at life. The "Passing Parade" wherever she is, notes expressions, moods, subtle light. Each day of life is not a dress rehearsal, her compositions are not formal or posed but free and flowing. Her colours are as the eyes see them, real Australian colours. Her style is slightly surreal, enough to give mundane situations a fantasy touch.

Dolly is aware of the beauty of life, in experiences and situations. Her seascapes give a feeling of escape and freedom. The use of subtle light and reflections..a certain warmth in each work.

Human nature takes on many predatory forms, many so subtle they are not noticed. Dolly makes the viewer aware of these situations and lets the viewer be the judge.

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lipstickgallery. A Jewel within a Lotus.

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