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Spring Quarter Schedule Sux

Try to avoid taking summer school. I am trying to take as much classes as possible to get myself near that boundary of taking summer classes. Try to keep up in school, so currently enrolling in 26 units.

Today is like the longest day in my life, normally I would never stay active to be in school for more than 10 hours. But Mondays' schedule will always be like that, at least for this quarter :(

First class starts at 9am and goes all the way til 9pm, only one hour break (sux).

Tuesday is just a lil easier than Monday, still have 6 classes in one day.

Wednesday- 6 classes

Thursday- 5 classes

Friday- Yeah! Only 2!


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Hello Everyone, Thank you for all your supports. <3 大家好,谢谢你们对我的支持!

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