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kung fu killers

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkbGKQ7yCQk ok i admit, i am terrible at blogging! i only do it when the reminders are all over my inbox. ok i've been meaning to post this for some time now. last year "kung fu killers" by RHI came out on spike tv in the u.s., and star movies in south-east asia. think you can buy it on http://www.rhitv.com/Movies.aspx?select=all&page=8Read more

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Video: http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPK0bIvjlsU

oh i forgot. been meaning to put this here for some time. don't know if i'll do it right or not, but i'm gonna try to add a video url. it's for a movie i did a few years ago called "solos". this was the trailer. let's see if i manage to actually do this, ha ha!

in case i don't do it right, the url is :

Read more

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It's My Life

soooo.....the reminders have been popping up, and before i vanish into radio silence, here's my latest.

my musical opens next week! ok for those of you who'll be in singapore between 27th nov to 5th dec, please come. this is an original musical theatre piece, about teenagers in singapore. i wrote most of it, and i'm directing. it's been a fantastic process with the teens because we based all of it on their own lives, dealing with issues that they grapple with every day. this is NOT a "high school musical"! i...Read more

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72 days

whoa....ok so i got the reminder that says "you haven't said anything for 72 days".....pressure....

so here i am, although i am actually working day and night on a project (with elizabeth tan, seen her blog?). the project is called "the vagina monlogues". yeah yeah yeah that's the real title. it's a pretty well known play actually. we're doing it here in singapore. and before you ask how i qualify to be involved in it, not having one of my own, i am the lighting designer, and also the only guy, in a way!Read more

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the swordfish, and then the concubine

so my man johnny says "blog!". and since i can't sleep tonight even though i'm exhausted, here i am.

the reason i'm tired is that i just finished another 8 hour rehearsal for the play i'm in "the swordfish, and then the concubine", part of the singapore theatre festival. it's been some time since i was back on a very physical theatre production, and it feels good. but i am way below my usual level of fitness, ha ha! it's great though, and i laugh like hell everyday of r...Read more

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ok those of you who know me will know i am really very un-used to writing blogs. i am always a little private about my life, so the idea of letting everybody in is a little daunting. the only time i've ever done blogs is when they are specific to a project and we wanna let people know about it.

but here i am, and the reasaon i'm here is, i wanna figure out how to use this thing, so just have to dive right in! so you may not get gory details, but you will from me, ha!

so in brief (ok, i'll say more next time) i'm an actor...Read more

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