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i've been so busy preparing for this, i'm only blogging about it now that it's opened! SERUNDING is a little play i've directed, a monologue (one character only) by a malay singaporean housewife, whose religiosity eventually estranges her from her daughter. it's a new play, winner of the 24-hour playwriting competition, and it'...Read more

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songs from the spare room

so i'm done with big shows for the year, now doing two small ones. the first (in order of performance date) is titled as above, and it's a very small evening of songs from shows where i have had a hand in some way creating the music. we've put together eleven songs in all, and i'm really thrilled by the way rehearsals ...Read more

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Blog: Wednesday, Aug 25


ok so i have folks from aNd in town, and i suddenly realize they have no idea about the show i am in because i haven't blogged it!

this, ladies and gents, is "fried rice paradise", a big, slashy singaporean musical that i am in this month and next. lots of fun, nice songs, and nothing heavy. think of it a...Read more

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The Full Monty!

ok so here i am, right after "animal farm" closed, gearing up for another full on show!

"the full monty" plays in singapore from the 18th of june thru till 4th july, and it is in full swing rehearsals now! yes, it's the broad...Read more

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well guys, animal farm went great in hong kong!

but between that and the singapore run of it, i'm doing the lighting design for a new chinese rock musical! the cast are really wonderful, so committed and talented, and everybody is so darn nice. so come see these fab folks, the names are on the poster, (and i can't say them, bec...Read more

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animal farm in hk!

i'm comin' back to hong kong! this march for a limited run from the 5th to the 7th, i'll be playing at the shouson theatre in a play i love, called animal farm. yes, for those of you who've read it, it's the george orwell novel about ...Read more

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i'm comin' to hongkong!

i'm in a play that's being premiered there, an original hk play called "hijack". although i've performed onstage and on camera in hk before, this will be the first time i'm in a hk stage play, written specifically for hk. i'm excited! so if you guys are there, come see! i'll be r...Read more

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ok ok, i know i haven't written anything in quite a while! in the past few  months i've taken a bit of a break, done a little travelling, and managed to finally make that long motorcycle ride i've been meaning to do from singapore up through malaysia and thailand. still a lot i haven't seen, but there's always next year!

bu...Read more

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the biker side of life

ok i have always kept my stuff on aNd purely work related, simply because that's what i am most interested in, but i guess this is kinda distantly linked, so i'll put it in. some people have asked about my hobbies. and the reason i don't fill out that section in the info bar is, frankly, i have none. i just work and go home. ...Read more

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i'm back onstage again!

i haven't been onstage since august. was busy directing my musical, acting on camera, as well as coaching actors. but finally i'm coming back to my first love, acting onstage. and i'm in amazing company. the director is tracie pang, whom i've known about 18 years, an award winning director (and also a lighting ...Read more

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