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Crew Name: 生番 a.k.a. sanGfan Members: Kz , Lil’ K , Buddah , Kato Music Style: Corrosive Rap / Hip Hop

生番早在90年代未已經誕生.經過許多風風雨雨及艱辛的路途,成員的加減.在2002年正式定形.早期以Kz及阿佛二人為主,是一個走黑暗侵蝕路線的饒舌團隊.在香港的嘻哈圈子中,獨特的曲風加上黑色幽默的歌詞.令生番名字開始帶來一點聲名.及後二人大膽不畏懼的精神及作風,在一次向全港MC/RAPPER/DJ公開的諷刺.令其更聲名響亮.亦增加了不少的支持者及敵人.Love it or Hate it.他們並不在乎.所在乎的是聽者是否真的會思考及分析. 在2002年, Lil’ K 及 Kato正式加入,成為生番成員.令生番軍隊更加戰力大增及穩固.


sanGfan was formed in the end of 90’s but also dismissed in the same year, only one member “Buddah” left and run the crew. In 2000, Kz was invited by buddah and re-built the crew. sanGfan’s reborn! Corrosive rap style attack all the audience heart. And sanGfan were being well-known. Some days, Kz and Buddah made some real shit to offend all the Hong Kong Emcee/Rapper/DJ. Lovers or Haters were right there for the notorious rap crew sanGfan. But who cares? sanGfan just care about if the audiences have their own mind and thinking. In 2002 , Lil’ K and Kato were invited to be members of sanGfan. 4 members with 4 unique rhymin’ skillz and thinking. It makes sanGfan’s music being more exciting to the audiences. At that time and now, sanGfan is one of the most famous rap crew in Hong Kong Hip Hop Scenes. Even in China and Taiwan, they are being more famous and stronger now!!

Interesting facts about K the birdie Lil'

Languages Spoken english, cantonese, mandarin
Location Hong Kong
Gender male
English Name sanGfan
Traditional Chinese Name 生番 (sanGfan)
Simplified Chinese Name 生番 (sanGfan)
Member Since March 25, 2008
Fans 282
Profile Views 52,668


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Languages Spoken
english, cantonese, mandarin
Location (City, Country)
Hong Kong
Member Since
March 25, 2008