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    Monday, May 28, 2012 11:19PM / Event / photographer / Members only
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    Kee Club presents four photographers, one night only UNTOUCHED. Kee Club will exhibit four Hong Kong based photographers work of nude photography.

    Nude photography is a style of art photography which depicts the nude human body as a study. It should be distinguished from glamour, erotic and pornographic photography which places more emphasis on the models sexuality, sexually suggestive component or sexually explicit nature.

    The human body has always been a major topic of inspiration for artists, we find representations painted on the walls of the caves and prehistoric statuaries. In antiquity it was the male nude, especially among the Greeks, but today the trend is largely reversed and the female body is increasingly emphasized.

    Represented through painting on canvas, fresco, sculpture, the nude was a subject in its self and expressed a new aesthetic in which the artists reflected the evolution of society.

    The development of digital imaging techniques (editing software like Photoshop) was followed by new themes for reflection on an increasing plasticity and interchangeability of representations of the body.

    Today the vision of the body changed and people are looking for the “perfect body”. With the proliferation of the nude pictures in advertising (highly retouched and far from artistic), photographers have the great duty to educate people about what is a real body.

    T: 852 2810 9000
    E: [email protected]

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