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I always like Chinese New Year. For some reason, my wife and I use it as an excuse for doing absolutely nothing whatsoever. We get up late. We eat. We watch television. Some times we decorate. Some times we go to the cinema and watch a stupid Cantonese comedy.

This year we went to see Alls Well That Ends Too. For those immured to the pleasures of Canto-Comedies, and there are many of you out there, I fear that you are missing the point. They are not supposed to be good. They are supposed to be stupid. T...Read more

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Idol FIlm's Asad Sultan acquires Motion Capture Studio

MOVIE STUDIO IN PERAK Friday, January 22nd, 2010 13:25:00

CHENNAI: The Red Snapper (M) Sdn Bhd (TRS), Perak State Economic Development Corporation’s flagship telecommunications and animation initiative, has entered into a 70-30 joint venture with Rocking Pixels Inc.

(RPI) in India.

With a total joint investment of US$15 million (RM50.97m), the joint venture named Rocking Pixels MSC (M) Sdn Bhd (RPM), will design, build and manage a state-of-theart studio specialised in produci...Read more

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What are they?

Broadband Internet has brought us productions of drama and comedy series designed just for Internet viewing. They are characterized by short episodes, interactivity and the manner in which they are watched. They look like TV, but novelty drives the web viewer to such a degree that for a web series not to lose its audience after the first episode, the show has to use all the tools of the web, such as social networking groups, to create an intimate relationship with its fan base.

Is it a new...Read more

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Christmas Break

It is that time of the year when I archive all my files, put everything in order, and find that fuzzy plastic thing that fell off the top off that piece of incredibly important kit, the function of which escapes me for the moment. Every year, especially busy ones like this year, I leave all my filing, accounts, wiring, and old newspapers with mysterious highlighted passages that were supposed to be of use...Read more

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Blog: Sunday, Dec 6

From left to right we have JuJu, Tammie, Joe, me, Jona, Helen, Aaron, and Andrew, the whole "Joggers" team at the wrap party.

It's a wrap... I wonder where that term came from? Does it mean we wrap up the film canisters? Well, whatever its origins, it means I've finished the shoot of Joggers. The film is far from complete though. I have to do the post production now and that ...Read more

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Jogging Along

Joggers is half way through its shoot now - at least I hope so. If all goes like clockwork then maybe I’ll finish shooting without having to add extra days. However, that is not how things usually go so I wont announce the date of the wrap party yet. Maybe, to motivate the troops, I should announce that I celebrate in true Hong Kong Indie style by giving the actors and crew a bottle of Tsingtao to share and a packet of salt n’ vinegar crisps. This should increase the work rate by an extra three pages a day.Read more

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I’m starting shooting “JOGGERS” today. The problem with these micro-budget projects is that everyone has day jobs and since one shoots during the day, working around everyone’s schedules is a nightmare. Arranging a dinner party is hard enough in Hong Kong, but getting eight people to turn up and work at various unsociable times of the day is a miracle. Luckily miracles is what I do.

This film is a dark dark comedy about a jogger tortured by her desire to be fit, as personified by the nubile Cat, a rather stern personal drainer, er, trainer. T...Read more

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New Film In Production

I suppose I'd better put something new in this blog! I am the world's worst diary keeper. From one moment to the next I am far too busy with things to sit down and actually write down what I am doing. Since I am a writer, one would think that this was second nature to me. But since I am a writer, I feel no urge to write anything FOR FREE!!!

However, nowadays I am told that you have to use the Internet to promote yourself and your work, especially if you are making films! One is meant to Twitter about it and Blog every ...Read more

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Screenwriters Newsletter

The Hong Kong (Screen) Writers Circle Newsletter

November 3, 2009



*Meetup 10th November

*Speak Up!

*48 hr Film Challenge Screenings

*Web Wednesday

*Creative Editing

If you wish to tell us about your Hong Kong film projects, please send your

information to lwgray@netvigator.com

About our publications

The HKWC has published four critically acclaimed antholo...Read more

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Screenwriters' Newsletter


•    Develop Develop Develop

•    Film Makers and Writers meetup: 12th October

•    48 hr Challenge

•    Thinking and Seeing Through Films

•    Hong Kong Indie Production – Audition and Techie info.

•    Seeking Funds – Have you a spare hundred grand?

•    Mui Ling’s Song – Mark Sung looking for collaborators

•    Speak Up – Who says you can’t be a writer and be cool?

•    Alivenotdead Halloween Bash – Start prepping your costume

•    STILL...Read more

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