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Singapore Media Academy


The Naked Writer, i.e. me, will be appearing at the Singapore Media Academy running a course on

Writing Professionally for Film and TV.

Officially this course is called writing from a producer's brief. It offers a Work Skill Qualification certificate that will show any propsective employer that you know what a screenplay is, what the job of the writer is, and how to interpret a producers brief and work within it in a professional and constructive manner.

This Course covers the principles of screenwriting from a creative and industrial perspective. The skills include the ability to interpret a producer’s brief, understand the essential vision of the project as instructed by the producer and the production restraints such as budget, technological, and audience requirements, that the project has to work within. It will cover creative brainstorming within a structured environment, story creation, dramatic and writing skills, with an emphasis on writing for episodic TV and the particular skills required for writing within that environment.

It is expensive but for Singaporean residents grants are available and I can assure them that I will make it an entertaining, if somewhat high pressured, experience.

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