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Much to my delight I've discovered that there is real community of enthusiastic talent hidden among the data base of Alive Not Dead. And although the traditional film making industry of Hong Kong seems to have shrunk down to a few old stalwarts who can still get funding from traditional sources,  I find that a whole new generation has emerged with no preconceptions of how things should be done, no baggage of frustration and failure, and a natural instinct for the use of the latest technologies. The Just Do It philosophy has always been one that I've found attractive despite years of dismal meetings with producers, distributors, and financiers whose attitude was succinctly thrown in my face by one  head of  a  major  distribution  company  -  Who  the  fuck  cares?  As  far as  he  was  concerned, any film project without a major Hollywood star attached was not worth considering. And the makers of such films should be paying him to listen to their pitches, let alone distribute the damned things.

People think I'm sometimes a tad negative, but trust me on this, in the real world the powers that control us are far far worse than you can imagine.

That said, I find emerging a whole new set of opportunities for the largely young and enthusiastic to just get out there and do it and find an audience without having to fight their way through the layers of old men, committees, ogres, and crooks, before being given a chance.

And so my own enthusiasm has been rekindled. And also my own belief that still screenwriting is not being addressed with as much enthusiasm as actually making a movie. In which I emplore film makers to join The Hong Kong Writers' Circle and become part of the screenwriting group. Writers and Film Makers should join together. By properly spending the time and effort developing the project, the end product will benefit tremendously. And given the low budgets this new generation have to work with,  and despite the facility with new technologies, the often less than perfect production values, a good script can make a world of difference.

Here's a summation of how distributers view web distribution-

  1. Not much revenue to be made....YET

  2. It still all comes down to MARKETING. How are you going to

reach your AUDIENCE?

  1. There is still no ONE model for online revenue (there are many)

  2. A DIGITAL premiere might one day replace a Theatrical premiere

(and in many cases already is)

  1. There are certain FORMATS that do better on Digital platforms

than others (think short and funny)

In short, they see no money in it for them at the moment. So many will be less than enthusiastic about bothering with such methods and the product that works within its parameters, but eventually it will take over. However, and this was something that someone recently reminded me of, next year technology might make a leap in another direction and completely change requirements. There's a lot of wait and see going on.

And what they are waiting for is for someone among these enthusiasts to make a break out production that establish a good business model and cost effective work flow. Making movies  for this distribution method cannot simply be about helping a "director" into the mainstream. It has to encompass all the talents involved and in effect have the potential of becoming integrated into the mainstream.

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