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KOLOR是一隊以香港作為基地的流行搖滾樂隊 , 樂隊的成立是源於2005年時四位志同道合的朋友 (包括本地Indie 風格樂隊Lam Kei﹑ Tat Flip 及 Nothing None 的 前成員), 持着共同夢想 – 讓自Beyond﹑太極 及Blue Jeans 後, 沉夕多年的搖滾音樂重踏本地樂壇 ◦ 樂隊成員包括負責主音及結他的蘇浩才﹑ 低音結他的高耀豐﹑結他的羅灝斌以及鼓手朱偉初◦

KOLOR 的名字代表他們在音樂上及個人上的多樣化. 四個來自不同背景的音樂人於工作上成為一體,注入各人的獨特風格,誓要創作出具影響力和有意思的音樂.

KOLOR 樂隊亦得到 BEYOND 樂隊成員黃家强先生的賞識,更與其所創立的唱片公司 – Picasso Horses Limited , 簽定合約, 成為其旗下第一支樂隊◦

KOLOR於2007年推出首張樂隊大碟“COLOR”, 並於同年叱吒頒獎典禮獲得樂壇組合新力軍銅獎, 在該獎項的鼓勵下, 樂隊再一次走進錄音室, 完成繼“COLOR”後最新大碟“非現實主義”,並準備於2009年7月推出◦ 新碟將混入其標誌旋律,帶出全新音樂風格及編排.

自2005年正式組成後, KOLOR曾於無數大型演唱會演出, 包括:

2008年 – ‘懷念Beyond 黃家駒’ 演唱會

2008年 – Soler ‘Free To Rock’ 演唱會

2008年 – Incubus ‘Live in Hong Kong’ 演唱會

2007 及2008年 – 生力啤酒 ‘Wild Day Out’ 演唱會

KOLOR are a Hong Kong-based contemporary pop rock band featuring Sammy So on lead vocals and guitar; Ko Fung on bass; Robin Law on lead guitar and Michael Chu on drums. Established in 2005, Kolor came about when four friends – former members of notable local indie acts Lam Kei, Tat Flip and Nothing None – got together with a new vision: to put rock music back on the map in the local popular music scene, something not seen since the days of Beyond, Tai Chi and Blue Jeans, amongst others iconic acts of the 80s and 90s.

The name “KOLOR” represents their diversity both musically and personally. Coming from different backgrounds, it is as though there are four artists working on a single composition, each infusing his unique perspective, ultimately creating music as a group that is both powerful and meaningful.

Shortly after joining Picasso Horses, a record label founded by Hong Kong musician, Steve Wong Ka-Keung (黃家強) of rock band Beyond fame, 2007 saw the release of KOLOR’s debut album, “Color” which found critical acclaim and earned them the runner-up award in the 2007 Hong Kong Commercial Radio Music Awards for Best Band or Group.

Energized and spirited by this award, Kolor entered the studio and assembled a powerful follow-up to 2007’s “Color” with “非現實主義” – or “surrealism” – due to release in July 2009. Kolor’s new album features their signature melodies and hooks with a new maturity in musical style and arrangement.

KOLOR has performed in numerous high profile concert events since their formation in 2005:

• Wong Ka Kui (Beyond) Tribute Concert – 2008

• Soler: Free To Rock Concert – 2008

• Incubus: Live in Hong Kong – 2008

• San Miguel: Wild Day Out – 2006, 2007

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