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The making of Soundless Wind Chime I: I started TO THE CLOUDS 5 years ago...

I was in Chicago, 2nd year of my MFA study in the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, I have just finished my last short "Buffering...", got invited to some festival including Rotterdam and others... I was pretty sure my next step should be a feature film project, but yet, I don't know how should I start, what I should write, and how it should process.All my short film which went for international film festivals and has won awards, they were a school projects, and obviously this feature film of mine is not in the scale of a school project.I remember H, we was kind of close, she was living in very bad energy, got into a lot of emotional trouble but yet not able to tell others. So I wrote a scene to her, of how this 2 women laying on the same bed, but having a different dreams, one facing the wall, one looking at the others' back.This started the co-operations of the scrīpt development of "TO THE CLOUDS", a former body of "Soundless Wind Chime"This scrīpt writing stage started as a communication process. It happened that I will write a scene to H, and she will write a scene to me as to respond to what I had written to her, so and so... We wrote whatever comes to our mind, it contain a lot of personal stories and emotions. In our scrīpt, we become the 3rd person looking at ourselves, try to put ourselves in different situations, give a different ending for things that could have happened. To me, this scrīpt development process is just like a therapy for me and H, to let her told what is inside her heart, and let them be release. At the same time, I am expressing a lot of my emotion from the long distance relationship of mine.It took us a while to organize everything to show the scrīpt to our tutors in the school. Me and H met twice a week in the cafe near the CTA, worked for an afternoon, read each other's scene again and write. It was a very enjoyable process.I remember she told me once, I am constructing the skeleton and she is filling up with flesh, each of us is taking care of the different parts of the scrīpt. Me - Structure, H - Content.At the same time, Berlinale Talent Campus released their first year of Talent Campus Project Market, and was looking for projects from New Filmmaker with high potential for international co-production. This project market is part of the co-production market in the Berlinale, which they will hook up project with international financier.We submitted our project in it.It got selected.I am heading to Berlin to present my project in the market...(2008.11.16)

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