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The Eagle Has Landed

I was in invited again by Fool's Proof Theatre, to Liverpool this time (YEAH!!!) to do a recording of their new show - The Eagle Has Landed. Having their last show - Hanks missed, I certainly put this job in the first priority.

The day I arrive, I visited their rehearsal, Director Linda Kerr Scott was there, and that's the first time I see such a wonderful director in such a close distance to gives directions...They spent all that day + night fine tuning the show. After that is the tech run and the dress rehearsal.

Was never into Theatre before, but since I meet them, I have been paying alot of attention to the connection of Film and Theatre.

This piece impressed me by it minimalistic setting, but the ability to told a very complicated non-linear narrative. From a filmmaker point of view, it is a "one take" one hours piece, not pause in between, 3 person, playing more than 12 roles in different time. Just by changing the usage of a props, a suite case can turn to be different things in the audiences' imagination... the magic moment of the play come from the transition of reality and memories, present and pass... just by calling the same actor a different name, change of lighting and most important, skillful acting, the same stage and setting changed to another space and time.

Working with Britt and Mary was always a pleasure to me, they are sensitive, careful and considerate, yet very open for creative and constructive suggestions. This time in Liverpool, they bring me to meet a lot of people who is in the theatre community, VERY STRONG, VERY SUPPORTIVE!! Have to mention Barry Han and Sara here, for the wonderful hospitality!!

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