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Madonna's Concert 2008, Dubendorf, Switzerland

" We arre alll making history in Switzerlandd." this host outside the concert stadium sounds very lousy and pretentious , but it's true.

Madonna comes to Zurich yesterday and giving us yet another unreplacable moment with more than 70,000 audience in a military air-port.

This is the 2nd time I wend to her concert (the first time is 2006), and the most surprising thing this time is, she was letting us to see her sound-check rehearsal 5 hours before the concert actually started!

To see the queen of pop on stage performing is not difficult, but to see how she react with other people on stage, asking questions and co-operate naturally is very special.

This concert, honestly to me, is less well done than the confession tour 2006, but yet she is the queen on the stage, and the passion and braveness from her is unbelievably impressive.

This concert, for me, is more to experience her change and progress as an artist/singer/pop stars living more than 30 years in the pop culture. What she is still believing in, what she keeps on trying to say, what she have changed since last time... it's history.

again from her songs:

(give it to me)

They say that a good thing never lasts

And then it has to fall

Those are the the people that did not

Amount to much at all

You're only here to win

Get what they say?

You're only here to win

Get what they do?

They'd do it too

If they were you

You done it all before

It ain't nothing new. . .

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