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Hung Hom Government Primary School

I was once dreaming about some classmates in my primary school. Don't know why I was then woke up, eyes wide open, go to the computer room and look up in the internet. I found out my primary school now have a homepage! (WOW!) When dig inside, there's a photo of my year of graduation (the oldest one in the web), how long? 20 years! Suddenly feel so old, tho I am not. With all the teachers I know, familiar faces suddenly appear like waves from the sea. Was digging for some contact of my old friends, no luck. But this photo is just so historical to me, the dresses, the glasses, the look, and the touch of it...

There's no colour printer, what ever laser was never heard at that time, my fisrt printer was a 8 pins printer, that can wake up the whole family when I print at night. [sounds like a old man now...] And this typo printed on the photo, is surely a hand made effect, with the especial chemical reaction on the photo paper and light. :D

"Hung Hom Government Primary School" When I read out the school name, I still carry this little accent from my primary school teachers. Miss Wong. :D

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