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Hopeful or Hopeless?!

Yan Yan Mak gives me a link to the MV of Mr. Children from Japan, touches me so much. Talking about a lost dreams and the young heart within everybody. Surly I spread it around to my friends, and Chang Jiang responds to me with this made-in-china video "13131", I was totally shocked! Almost identical to the Japanese one.


I am angry, and ashamed. As a Chinese, as a creative person wanted to finally contribute to my home country. To see this disrespectful act of a creative person from China, and the torrarence of the media industry in my home country, it re-reinfouce the pre-conception of "No original things in China." Now, even in MV production.

It is not new to me that in the commercial business, there're not a lot of "boss" care about originality. But it is hard to believe that one can copy thing in this absolutely abusing, NO taste, and cheap ways. This video have bad casting, bad acting and bad direction, and the way it copy the original is absolutely down grading. Isn't it a mistake? Or isn't it proof again woman/sex appeal sell? Commercial decisions dominate everything? Where is the respect to creative person, where is the respect of intellectual property?!

While everyone is changing it's point of view, looking and awaiting China's economy growth, the opportunities flow and dreams coming true... Things coming from China keeps turning me down.......

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