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HANK - Fools Proof Theather

Right before I went to Scotland, I finished working a video project with Fools Proof Theater – HANK. This teenage theater project discuss topics about violence and teenagers problems, required a few sections of video to interact with the actors on stage, and to present the psychological status of the characters, which go beyond the limitations of the theater stage. We have been working for almost a year to reach this stage of the project. From the very first day of shooting the TV game opening scene with all the masks on, using 10mm's new technique in chroma key to shoot each fighter individually, and put them back together in post-production, until the sleepless nights finalizing the DVD with music and sound effect on it, it have been one of my most enjoyable co-operation.

Finally this project has comes to a pause, and have been getting quite a lot of applause around the city. All 3 shows including the première are full, and are expecting a re-run and school tour in Jan 2007. I am extremely excited about that!

Working with Britt Jürgensen, Mary Pearson and Fabian Gysling have been an irreplaceable experience. Cheers! Yesterday we was all holding a glass of champagne: TO THIS WONDERFUL CO-OPERATION! And TO OUR FUTURE CO-OPERATIONS!

more info: http://foolsprooftheatre.com/

written on 20.10.2006

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