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Photos, MV, Jakarta Video and New Songs

hey - got some awesome photos from the Singapore show up on our forum now...http://forum.talkmusic.org/t6381-singapore-show-photos.htmlone is an awesome pic of G in the audience!!! such a rad photo...Man is going to start working on our亞洲起義(unite asia) video this week!!! can't wait to see this thing! it's going to have video from our tour and all the LIVE shows that we played and all the stuff we did in between the shows. you know - being stupid and everything...can't wait to get this video done and post it all over the internet for the world to see what our Asian scenes are like!!! :-) also - just found a LIVE video of us playing UNITE ASIA in Jakarta! check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmF9joplAn0also - as promised...we've started writing new songs last night. we're seriously going to try to get a new record out by the end of the year. we hope at least...that's the goal...we have 6 songs now and will need at least 6 or 7 more before we think we're ready to start recording...

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10 years and still here breathing Hong Kong...it's in our hearts and pumps through our veins. We are a Hong Kong band and proud to be from this city. Then why d

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