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I did not take any photos last night or videos...just enjoyed the historic moment where a band that I started listening to in the late 80's finally came to the city where it all began for me as a young little fucked up kid trying to make sense of his world...I didn't take any photos because I'm not a photographer. I didn't take any videos because Metallica always releases full set videos that are professionally shot and edited. I also didn't take any photos or videos because I don't want to be the asshole holding up his camera blocking the people behind me. There were many many assholes holding up their phones last night. I mean seriously? You think your video on your phone is going to be the one that people watch repeatedly? Hahaha...put the phone down and sing, dance, head bang come on. I took one photo before the show started and that's it. Today I get to relive this momentous night through the photos of professionals like Kennevia Photography and many others and patiently await the full set video that Metallica or someone will release. It was a night we won't forget...whatever the flaws with too many new songs (actually - Hardwired and Moth Into Flame sound great live! Also, all they needed to do was spread out the new songs so they weren't back to back.) once they went to the old stuff it was worth the wait...one, seek and destroy, creeping death, for whom the bell tolls, battery, fade to black, master...would loved to have heard more from the first four albums...like blackened, sanitarium, whiplash, jump in the fire, four horsemen, fight fire with fire, harvester of sorrow, shortest straw, etc...but still - Metallica was in Hong Kong and I was there. Will never forget this. The sun is out today - go enjoy your weekend! Congrats Hong Kong!

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10 years and still here breathing Hong Kong...it's in our hearts and pumps through our veins. We are a Hong Kong band and proud to be from this city. Then why d

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