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China's earthquake / Burma's flooding...

I hope everyone can take some time out these next few days to think about all the people who are suffering in these two countries...not some people either - but hundreds of thousands of people. they say that in China 100,000 are unaccounted for, they say that an entire school fell down on TOP of children that were inside (some 900 of them). 36 hours later and those children are still not out of the building. there are tons of horror stories coming out of china. i have friends and supporters of king ly chee who have emailed me and MSN'ed me from the area who have told me that they're too scared to go back to their homes and had to sleep out on the streets. they said it's fucking freezing outside...death toll is 12,000 but will definitely go up...

While you're thinking about China, please don't forget about Burma where over 20,000 people have died. It's been almost 2 weeks since that tragedy and food, water and supplies has still not gotten up to over 1.2 million people!!! They say that Burma's own rulers are taking too long to get the supplies to their people...there are still areas who have NOT been visited by the army and so they're on their second week without food and water...

Please take some time to read about your world...there's all sorts of ways that you can hear about these disasters...


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