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I <3 HK

I do !!! =)


Oh, and btw, i got myself an apartment today!!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHt_GzOgjvA

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Blog: Wednesday, Apr 23

I'm alive !! Not dead!

Sorry for disappearing for a while... So, what have i been doing since NYE in HK???

I've spent January in Shanghai,  which looked kinda like this at that time: So i locked myself in, set the aircon on 30°C, ordered pizza and fooled around with music.

You can find the result right here:

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Blog: Monday, Dec 31

WOW, thx for the luv !!

just logged in here for the first time, and i'm happy about all the positive feedback !

i'm glad to be here in HK,

and i'm looking forward to tear it up at CLIQ once again on NYE !

many thx to patrick & alivenotdead squad for creating an account for me here,

this site is dope. i'll look into it deeper as soon as i have the time.

see y'all on NYE !!!

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