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Yao live @ Kongkrete Bass – 9/25/2010

I’m glad I eventually decided to down some gins & juices, put on my dancing shooz and swing my ass out to Central Hong Kong last Saturday nite. Not only the mastermind of über-label Hyperdub, Kode9, was in the building to grace the SAR with his HK debut, but also my cherished neighbor Yao from 4 floors down, who threw down quite a magical opening set and luckily even managed to capture the audial heat in bits and bytes so I can throw it atcha now.

55 minutes of pure future funk dopeness. No tracklisting for yall tunesnatchers.

Download link:

Yao live @ Kongkrete Bass Hong Kong – 09/25/2010

Facebook the chap. He makes the best pumpkin pie in Southern Asia, has an excellent sense of orientation, can get you the best deals on highly ergonomic yet affordable office chairs and might even reveal some of the track IDs for you if you ask him nicely.

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