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Early Gifts

dear everybody!

Taiwan was fun but pretty tiring as my schedule was filled up. Thanks so much for all the kool gifts! I had to have my colleagues mail them to me because I didn't have any time or a enough space to pack them. I think they are really kool and I can tell you put alot of thought into it. Thankssss, i'll take my time reading the book!

I'm really rushing to complete my next album and also have some other work at hand...and tomorrow I fly again...aiyah.

Update you guys on details about the new album s...Read more

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Cartier "Love"


I recently had the oportunity to take part in Cartier's "Love" charity campaign. It's a great chance to be part of a meaningful project especially during this time of difficulty. It's also very cool to be on the same team as the other talented and well respected musicians chosen to share their music. You can check it out at Cartier's official site! Hope you like my new song.

Ok...i'm back to work now.

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listening to...

I have been listening to jamie lidell for the past month...one of the coolest albums i've heard in a while. He sounds like Stevie Wonder when he was in his early 20's also a bit like curtis mayfield, donnie hathaway and a bunch of 1970's soul artists. The arrangements are very throwback and quite authentic..."another day" reminds me of "uptight everything is alright" or "signed, sealed, delivered"(s. wonder) and "little bit of feel good" sounds like stevie's "have a talk with god&qu...Read more

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Earthquake In Si Chuan

Hey, I have been very very very busy with my work and various chores...sort of in this mode where I really don't know what to update. I have to fix certain software problems with my computer too so I can scale down my photos. Sorry I've been so out of touch but it's just that time of the year...

This is also a time when I hope anyone with the means can help the friends who are suffering from the devastation in Si Chuan...the death count has been 18,000 and rising...many have lost their homes and loved ones. Let'...Read more

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sound bites

Alexi Murdoch/Time Without Consequence: If nick drake was still alive he'd sound something like this. If you like poetic folk and moody finger picking on the guitar then you may enjoy this. If you are one who finds dreamy mellow music to be boring...then you might not enjoy it. For me it's lovely background for the winter.

MJ/Thiriller 25th anniversary edition: Gold packaging! I ...Read more

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Fi-nally a new Fi song...

i was being randomly mo liu at a photo shoot...and there will be more where this came from. stay tuned.


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October 7, 2008