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Finally got time to get off of airplanes and back on the ground...promotion is super busy.

Just wanna say thanks again to 903 for honoring me with such a surprise this year...and thank you for letting me be myself.

To everyone & anyone, let's all "add oil" in the coming year!


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Thank you...

Thank you fans

Thank you friends

Still have a cold but almost well...i'll sleep now.



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smiling face...teaser


this song was orignally titled "smiling face"...you'll hear it on my new cd which is out on the 19th.

busy now, bye

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Food Part 1

Went to Tian Jing and then Taiwan...wanna thank the friends in Korea for presenting me with the award.

I finished my album, but i'm just getting busier and busier...wa.

So many things to do before I go to Taiwan for more promotion.

forgot what this is...rice maybe?

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working day & night (randomness)|沒日沒夜地工作(隨手拍)|没日没夜地工作(随手拍)

Finished mixing a song the other night...it was a newly written last minute addition to the new album...hope you hear it soon. Think you'll like it.

recording rhodes...i forgot how heavy the keys are...that's why the soul guys are so laid back...the keys are too heavy.

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Let's Stay Together ~ Al Green|讓我們在一起~ Al Green|让我们在一起~ Al Green

The other night I was at a function and had a jam with Jun and his band...we were both familiar with Al Green's "Let's Stay Together" so we jammed that song...it's been kind of stuck in my head so since I haven't updated in AGES here's a short bit of it. Hope you like it 2...it's one of my favs.

Still working hard to finish my dec album...it sounds good so far i think.

See yaz

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Drums Part 2...

After some random function a while ago, there i am back at the studio...at the drums again. In case you're wondering why I am talking to the snare drum towards the end of the clip...I am actually talking into the mic so the engineer can hear me.

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drum test 1

i'm testing the drum tone...

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Olympic 2008

I was able to watch the opening of the Olympic games and the production and art direction was breathtaking...impressive. A wonderful presentation of Chinese culture and tradition. My favorite part was the first half of the performance.

I've been really busy...kinda tired...soon i'll put up some video clips i took over the last few months.


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my favorite beat...

share a few tracks i love that are all in the same groove pattern...my favorite beat...i could listen to a whole album like this haha...

Heatwave: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePZzoUcOnXA

Anthony Hamilton: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dV1Ou9Mn9k

Tower of Power: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exVw...Read more

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