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KSO’s AUGUST BLOG... Maybe I'm a little dark, but...

AUGUST 5, 2008

I just saw Wall - E last night.  Maybe I'm a little dark, but I would have prefered the sad ending, where the main character Wall E doesn't recharge, and we are left to ponder about the true state of our current environment, not just ecologically speaking...  But I understand economics, too and the demographic who are paying for the costs of this quite incredible production.  I enjoyed the happy ending, too quite simply.   But again, I think you know what I mean... if you...Read more

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KSO’s JULY BLOG... Tryin’ to stay on top of it...


I've got 46,000+ miles on United, only to find out they "expired" December 31, 2007. That's what happens when you don't stay on top of things... and when airline companies change their policies without making a big effort to inform their customers. But I can only really blame myself for not flying United the past year and a half. 

Yada yada yada.

Supposed to be up in Northern Cali this August to work on the Victor Woo musical (Read more

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KSO’s JUNE BLOG... Things could be worse...

 Celtic pride. Yeah. This only makes me feel a lot older. As much as I'm excited to see this great Celtics/Lakers rivalry thrust back into the spotlight, the Pisces in me feels like "who the hell cares really ? Is this gonna bring our troops home ? Is this gonna decrease my car insurance payments ? Is this gonna get me more gigs ?" ... But then I put on my Paul Pierce jersey, grab a soda and a seat, and get ready for some of them ole' highlights from the 80s... Larry, Magic, Kareem, and The Chieee...Read more

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May 2008

Music I’m listening to these days:

Paul Simon - One-Trick Pony... great arrangements

The Roots - Rising Down... their latest... and I need to know

Bill Evans - Alone... some of Keith's roots I bet

Willie Nelson - Teatro... complexity in simplicity

Dolly Parton - The World of Dolly Parton... just great songs

Beck - Sea Change... Bob Ludwig-mastered

Miles Davis - Miles Davis and Horns... a young genius

Aretha Franklin - Lady Soul... bar raised even higher

Randy Newman - Born A...Read more

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A unique blend of Americana, Country, Blues and Gospel with a little bit of R&B/Soul sprinkled on top.

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