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Happy ThanKSgiving everyone.

Today I have a lot to be grateful for.

Yesterday began wonderfully. A solid cup of coffee, smiles from the hotel staff, and then ready to embark on an 11 hour journey from Christiansburg, VA to Framingham, MA.

With only 2 hours left in my drive, around 8pm, I came upon a traffic jam. Must be a car accident. Completely stopped, engine turned off, a little hungry (skipped dinner coz I wanted to get there), and this would last about an hour. Argh.

Thankful that my Nashville neighbor Ben called me on the phone to wish me a Happy Turkey Day, and then offer some moral support. Thankful that I found one last granola bar to get me over the hump. Thankful for Monk being at my side.

As the traffic finally began to move, I couldn’t help but notice what had been the cause of this traffic jam. Yeah, on my left - an SUV, completely burnt up, with its driver side smashed in pretty severely, and FACING THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION (which is how I was able to see the condition of the driver’s side).

I kept telling myself earlier, as I was sitting in the traffic “Just be glad YOU weren’t in the accident!” A LOT to be grateful for...

Then at 11pm, I arrive at WingBone North. And yeah it’s freezing cold. Heat wasn’t working. 50 degrees inside but felt like 30. Fortunately I had 2 comforters, a comfortable bed to sleep in, and some fast food to get me thru the night. A bit of tossing and turning due to the cold. Did I mention I’d gotten some form of the flu over the past 72 hours? Yeah... pins and needles...

I lay in bed last night and woke up this morning with a feeling a gratitude. Grateful for all the challenges I am facing right now. I believe that every problem does have a solution. It may cost a ton of money to resolve this heating issue up here, but I can see light at the end of this tunnel. The sun is shining...

I’ve got coffee, oatmeal, Monk, and I will be picking up Mom in 2 hours and then it’s off to Pauline and Dick Lee’s for their annual Thanksgiving feast.

The thing I’m most grateful for right now is this space heater.

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