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Blog: Wednesday, Oct 7

It's been a while since I've blogged--it has been quite hectic on my end.  However, I have some downtime today, and figured it would be a good time to make such an update!

New stunt performer reel, for your viewing pleasure!

--let me know what you think!

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Kung Fu Treachery!!!

Another clip surfaced regarding the show I worked on, Black Dynamite.  Check out the video!  (I'm the dude w/ long hair, and the first attacker to try and kick Black Dynamite.)

Man, lots of fun working that scene, shot that out in 2 hours, I believe--a lot was covered that day, so it was great that we had a solid Stunt Crew that day, thanks to fellow AnD artist Ron Yuan.

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23 hours after returning to consciousness...

Status: Groggy

Wow, ACL reconstruction is really something.  I remember when I was diagnosed with a "knee sprain" back in April 2001, the knee wasn't exactly the same since.  For all the wushu / martial arts folks out there familiar with jump inside crescent kicks, or 540s, you know how one can totally screw up their knee....that's what i did in the first place.

So yeah, now I'm awake, but have been a bit woozy.  More updates to come, from yours truly!

In the meantime, check out my Street Fighter fight against Akuma:

Have a fun weekend!

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Yeah Sure Okay Trailer

First feature of the crew I co-founded, ZeroGravity, going back to our grass-roots, and enjoying the fine art of action filmmaking.


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MoCap moments

Doing work for video games includes motion capture work---a lot of fun, you can get a lot more done in very little time compared to film, and its a much more controlled environment.

I saw this video, from  MoCap: good times


For those attending the First LA Mixer this Feb. 9th, I'll see you there!

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After a little more than a year, I've got this profile updated, at last!!  For those that know me, I'm glad you're visiting the page, and I plan to have some updates related to yours truly.  If you're unfamiliar, check out a little about what I do with my crew, ZeroGravity.

So, in the meantime, check out the trailer for Black Dynamite, which just got piked up from Sony.

NSFW - Can you dig it?

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