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Ron Yuan US Drama Showreel 2012

2012 US Theatrical Reel:


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Check out commercial specs and comment if u like

These little fun spots we just did in Hawaii and LA
"Doritos Crash the Superbowl Challenge"

Shot on RED, Pana 3D, 5D, GO PROS
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Femme Fatale

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5th Blog

I bummed I missed the alivenotdead reception in LA.  I was knocked out with the flu.  It would've been nice to meet some of the nice folks I've been corresponding with and some peeps I haven't seen for a long time. Some of the pieces I did for sony have been getting into other film festivals such as Athens, Greece Int., Beijing Int., Beverly Hills Fest, Hollywood First Glance, Texas Black Film Fest, San Diego Black Film fest just to name a few.  waiting to hear on some more. It's been exciting but also draining at the same time.  I&#...Read more

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4th Blog

Just got back from Sundance..."Black Dynamite"  received an incredible response. It was the first film to be bought overnight at the festival and only the second film to be purchased by a major studio. The first was "Brooklyn's Finest"  I was only up there for a few nights so I didnt get a chance to see many films. I met alot of really nice folks but overall I'm just hyped for everyone in the BD family. pix to come...

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My 3rd Blog

Taking a bit of a breather for the holidays.  I received some great news recently. A film I directed action on called "Black Dynamite" is premiering at The Sundance Film Festival. Its very exciting news. I think this film is gonna hit it big. The film is hilarious. I 'm just happy to be a part of it. Michael Jai White is the lead and its directed by Scott Sanders who directed "Thick as Thieves"

which Jai White also starred in with Alec Baldwin. Mike also wrote the scrīpt with Byron Minns and Scott. Just imagine you...Read more

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2nd Blog

Shooting on "Prison Break" has been great. The cast, crew and Producers are cool as hell. The directors were great to work with. I also shot an episode of "Pushing Daisies" It was also a really fun time and the peeps were awesome.  l also love that show because there's nothing else on tv quite like it. Although it was the token asian episode, The Director/Producer (Lawrence Trilling) allowed me to play a different kinda take on it...and no accent. Don't get me wrong, accents are fine when it needs to be authentic to the c...Read more

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My First Blog

I apologize for not responding to some of the warm, gracious welcome comments from friends and new friends of this and other sites. I truly appreciate the support. It's been literally crazy nonstop work for the last year and also blogging is a new thing for me.

Please also let me preface this by saying I am truly grateful to the big boss in the skies for all the opportunities and learning experiences, both stressful and fruitful and the support and understanding of friends and family that I've had for the last year.

OK,...Read more

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Ron Yuan 2012 Drama Show Reel


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August 27, 2007