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The Superman experience

I just got the dvd of Superman Returns, yeah, it is not a new film, but somehow it was on sale at the store and so just decided to grab one.

Although Superman Returns isn't quite a very good film, it is an important one for me, coz it just brings back quite a lot of old and new memories...

Back in the days when I was a kid, my brother and I always loved to dress up like superman and the villains, and videotaped our fight, with the background music from the reeve's superman movie. So when I first saw the film and noticed they're using the same soundtrack, it really kinda brought back a lot of childhood memories...

As for new memories, I still remember clearly the date I saw the film at the theater was July 9 2006, it's coz it happened on the same day when Italy won the world cup~ and also i was seeing the film with a very important friend...it was such a beautiful day!

Furthermore, the protagonist's encounters really makes me resonate.. (sure not the super power part...:) )

Sometimes you probably couldn't explain why you love a film so much, even though everyone thinks it is not a good film. Perhaps, watching a film is an emotional experience and that is what make cinema so beautiful and captivating, everyone can find his own way to appreciate it...

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