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The Butterfly Dream

I went to see a japanese animation called Paprika yesterday, its directed by kon satoshi ( tokyo godfather,Millennium actress, etc..) and an official entry of venice last year..

i think its a very nice film, perhaps the premise of the story isn't that much innovative (adapted from a sci-fi novel), the way it depicts the imaginary world is still very interesting...

the story, about the blending of reality and dream, just kinda reminds me of the taoist story of the "butterfly dream", which i am sure the matrix series also borrows the concept from...

Whether it is zhuang zhi dreaming of the butterfly, or the butterfly dreaming of zhuang zhi, a very profound question that is quite difficult to find an answer, or perhaps just like the taoist theorist suggests, if you understand that zhuang zhi and butterfly can be one, that you should be able to transcended yourself to a level above life and death..

The taoist theory is always intriguing, what is wonderful about it is that, everytime when my mind is trapped or when i feel uneasy, i would read the book of zhaung zhi, and then it just makes me feel much relieved...it is like... the more you study it, the more you realize that, life has its own cycle, in the long run, nothing really matters...

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I heard that for people having near death experience, it is like their body and the soul are separated..i think from a buddhist perspective, (or some eastern religion?) life does not end when our body die, our soul will in fact reach out to an eternal world, and i guess the white light is more like a passage to that world perhaps...
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