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Tarkovsky's Solaris

Just watched Andrei Tarkovsky's Solaris, a very mind provoking film...although it contains a lot of sci-fi elements, but somehow it just looks more like a love story, or at least a story about humanity, rather than anything sci-fi related..

i have read quite a lot of interpretations about the meaning of this film, but i guess what captures me most is the idea that human's mind is very fragile and it is very difficult to forget or get rid of our guilt or regret in the past.. it is just like a quote from an article about the film i read: "Can a man truly reconcile with his irretrievable past, or is he inexorably bound to the guilt and regret of his spiritual longing?"

from what the protagonist is doing and witnessing in the space station in the film, it kinda gives you a feeling that to forget the past is really difficult, even though the wound seems to be healed, the memory is in fact just buried deep inside your subconsciousness.. no matter how hard you try to suppress, it is still there, it is just a matter of when and how these lost memories are triggered... it is especially true for love and family relationship, as demonstrated by the marital and father-son relationship in the film...

thinking about that, i guess in reality, there are always something everyone of us (including myself) is trying very hard to suppress or forget, but somehow something happened is happened, and even though we have tried our best to forget, sometimes we just couldn't...at least, I feel that way...from my experience..

referring back to the film, i think it is beautifully shot, my favorite scene is definitely the one when the male and female leads are hugging each other when the gravity is lost, accompanied by j.s. bach's music... i think it's one of the most unforgettable love scenes i have seen in a while... (even though nothing much really happens)

just a side note, somehow if i were on board the solaris space station, i guess i could probably tell who my "hari" would be...and i probably would be proud to see her there, at least i got something to regret, it is better than having nothing (just like one of the scientists in the film).. life is all about living, no matter good or bad...it is the experience that matters, right?

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but beware the pacing of the film is very slow, and it is different from most mainstream sci-fi films..with almost no special effects or alien or anything stupid...indeed it is a very philosophical work i guess..
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