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StarCraft II


Shit, I can't believe they are actually making starcraft 2.... starcraft used to be my favorite computer game and i still remember how obsessed i was with the game at that time...

i remember playing sc was like a daily routine at that time, it was so much fun teaming with friends and fighting on the battle net...and sure all those "glorious" winning records.... :)

not sure if anyone here's familiar with the game..well actually even i myself almost forgot how to play now.. but  i kinda remember i only used protoss at that time and the strategy i liked most is "zealot rush"....

definitely wanna learn more about this sequel...

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I didn't download the video, coz its too big.. but then i found some clips on youtube.. yeah, i think it looks cool, but u know blizzard is always behind schedule, so i guess it probably wouldn't come out on time...we've to wait until perhaps after the olympic game next year, hahaha..
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