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my storage HD failed and I feel so depressed!

Oh shit, I'm really having some bad luck with my computer these few days, i can't believe that one of my storage hd suddenly failed for no freaking reason. what annoyed me most is that this hd contains all of my writing works and pictures I took for workin the last few years, and also quite some of my short film files, and not to mention the porn movies i have been collecting throughout the years (this one just kidding)...

i am really very depressed and I am just hoping to find out if there is any way to recover it! shit...I used to burn my files to DVD or CD for backup, but then people keep saying it is more secure to save your files on a HD, and that's what I got.......

So after the HD failed, I became such a paranoia and was attempting to back up some of my files to another storage HD. and then I tried to plug it to my old computer, and again, I don't freaking know why, it says "new hardware found" and prompted to install it, but it failed saying it couldn't do it and refused to allow access to it. But the ridiculous thing is that it is not the first time I am using that storage HD with that computer, i have been using it constantly and all of a shitty sudden, it prompted to "install" it and didn't allow me to run it... wtf is happening!?

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thanks for all your advice, there is no update about the hd yet, coz i was too busy working the last few days, and since i dont really need the stuff in the hd right away, i'll probably just wait a bit until i have time to take care of it...
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