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collector's nightmare

The problem of collecting stuff is that once you begin, you just couldn't stop. I still remember all the comics, figures (g.i. joe, star wars, marvels, dc..) and trading cards I accumulated (in fact they are still in my garage now) when i was a kid..

and now I am getting obsessed with dvd... it is like, everytime when u see something great or a new disc coming out, it's just so hard to control yourself..

in the past few months, some of the stuff i got:

seven samurai 3discs (criterion collection)

ugetsu (cc)

bicycle thieves (cc)

le eclisse (cc)

hitchcock 14 films box set

oldboy tin box

james dean box set

and more than 100 dvd (including the ones i got in hk a couple of months ago)... and for quite a number of these dvds, i already got different versions of the film...

perhaps its kinda wasting time and money, but then sometimes we are always doing things we couldn't explain, we are doing it only coz we love it that way... i guess it's more or less like, if you love someone, you just love her/him, you don't know why and you don't need a reason.

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