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Cinespot on Facebook now! | 動映地帶在Facebook開戶

Cinespot on Facebook!

Some of you may know that apart form making films, I am also a writer and admin of Cinespot.com, a bilingual Asian cinema website. I just set up a fan page for Cinespot.com on Facebook. The purpose of the page is to connect friends and fans of Cinespot. If you happen to be a supporter or reader of Cinespot, please join the fan page.

Actually, I am kinda new to this fan page thing, so I am still wondering what can be done through the page. If you have any good idea, let me know. As of now, I think it provides a good venue for our reader to discuss films. I am also trying to get the writers of Cinespot to join in, so if you have comments or questions about specific writers' reviews or articles, you can talk to them directly.

Since Cinespot sometimes get gift offer from film company, the fan page can be used for giveaway offer in the future as well... anyway, in the mean time, just join and see how many fans we can gather!


部分朋友可能都知道﹐我除了拍短片外﹐也是雙語電影網站Cinespot.com的作者和管理員。近日我剛為Cinespot.com在Facebook架設了一個Fan Page。這個Page的目的是希望加強和Cinespot讀者及朋友們的聯繫與交流。如果您是Cinespot的支持者或讀者﹐記謹立即加入喇!

話說回來﹐對於Fan Page這個玩意﹐其實我仍處於摸索的階段。究竟能夠透過Fan Page做什麼﹐也在研究中。目前來說﹐我想這提供了一個不錯的互動平台﹐讓Cinespot的多位作者和讀者交流電影心得。所以如果您對Cinespot的文章有何意見或問題﹐也可在Fan Page的討論版提出。

另外﹐Cinespot不時會獲得一些和電影公司合作送禮的計劃﹐或許也可利用Fan Page幫忙籌劃送禮吧。無論如何﹐有興趣的讀者或一直支持Cinespot的朋友﹐歡迎立即加入Fan Page。


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