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yesterday my friend came to my home, and she just couldn't stop sneezing and blowing her nose, and it was all because of my dog...

thinking about that, since i started raising my dog 7 years ago, i am always having a hard time with the allergy problem. i remember back when i was in hk, the humid weather and air-con always drove me crazy, but once i came to the states, its' all gone.. but since my dog came, the allergy just started to come back...

allergy isnt a curable disease, i mean, sure there is treatment you can take to suppress it, but the most important thing i guess is to adjust the living environment, i am sure i'll recover if my dog is gone, but it is definitely not the solution i'll try..

i think raising a dog is a life commitment, i am not sure what others think, but to me, once i have decided to do it, i know i have to take up the responsibility until the end of his life. and this isnt just a moral responsibilty but more about love i guess.

perhaps it isnt a good analogy, it is actually quite similar to the matter of love , that is, if you find someone you love, you want to love her for the rest of your life, right? or am i just too old fashioned? i dunno...

thanks for reading the babbling, looks like i am just feeling little lost and empty lately, dun really know what i want to convey..

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chihuahua, 7 years old now..old doggy... perhaps i'll upload some pics later.. :)
about 17 years ago


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