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A not so bright summer day

It has been quite a while since I last wrote anything. My internet connection seems to be having quite some problems and every night it just goes on and off, making it very difficult for me to get online...

So the biggest news last week was probably the death of Edward Yang. When I first read about it, I was kinda shocked. Even though I have heard about rumors for a number of years saying that he had cancer, I never thought he would just pass away all of a sudden.

I love Yang's films like "A Brighter Summer Day" and "Yi Yi", although i wouldn't say he is my favorite director (prefer HHH more), but still I kinda enjoy the very complicated yet intriguing structure of his films, as well as the deeply profound and enlightening dialogues... it is like, everytime when i rewatch a film like "yiyi", i am always able to grasp something new and different...

I heard that when he was near the final moment of his life, he was still working hard on his animation...his dedication to filmmaking kinda reminded me of another chinese director King Hu, who was also a genius of filmmaking and was trying to get his latest film done but unfortunately failed due to financial and many other reasons, and passed away in an unexpected way (at least to the public)...

May he rest in peace.

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Yeah, I got ABSD's VCD too, really very bad transfer... I dunno about "That Day on the Beach", but a taiwan distributor just released the DVD of "Terrorizer" a couple of years ago, although i dunno how's the transfer, but it should be at least better than the HK vcd for sure...
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