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a little more babbling about life...

reading the comment about the previous entry, it just makes me again wonder the question of  "life".. I am just thinking how people see the meaning of life?

I always agree with the analogy that life is like a little tree branch flowing down a river. As the tree branch, we have to follow the flow of this river, the tree branch may get stuck by rocks or whatever in the middle, just like the obstacles we are facing in our life, sometimes the tree branch will eventually get pass the obstacle and continue flowing down, sometimes it breaks and fails... but no matter what, there is no way to counter the current.

It is a fact that life itself has its own cycle and what we can control is in fact for less than we could imagine I know it may sound pessimistic but somehow I don't see it that way, borrowing a phrase i read from somewhere, i guess the attitude is like confronting a grey world positively and proactively, because all that matters is the process itself but not the outcome.

What is most important is what we have done throughout our life, but not what we have gained or accumulated in the end. Perhaps it's just like the chinese novel "to live" (活著) say, the meaning of life is simply to live (人是為了活著本身而活著)

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yeah it is all about perspective and attitude... that's why even though this world could be miserable sometimes, it doesn't mean we have to choose a miserable way to live...
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