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note to self...

if you're swooshin listerine& you feel the need to s neeze, the

correct order is:     1.) spit out listerine.2.) sneeze.          DONOT hold it all in.

it hurts.

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maximum capacity does not apply

recently i read another AnD artist's blog.  i left him a comment and he wrote back.

it got me thinking about our personal capacity in life and how much we limit ourselves.

as an artist/performer, we often come across people who view us as something more than your "average" joe next door because of the spotlight we chose to be under.  but the reality is, i am no different than the person next to me.  it is all a matter of perspective.

in my eyes, there is no being in a "higher" or...Read more

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my formula for a better day on a bad one:

1.  get a cold soda .

2.  sit .

3.  reflect on allthe good blessings in life .

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working with projekt newspeak this week...

 i had the privilege of working with projekt newspeak.  i had a blast!! we taped a scene for their upcoming 8.3.2008 live "the sketch comedy show" @ east west players theater in LA.  check it out if you're around next week!

www.projektnewspeak.com eddie kim and davis choh preppin for the shot.Read more

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ladies...and a few gents...

...look what i found:

i wonder how it'd work in a bar?

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pizzicato five = fabsolutely groovalicious!!!

  after all these years

i still love it when they get their twiggy on!!   "twiggy twiggy"

pizzicato five

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dear AnD blog, since i've been gone...

... i've discovered and rediscovered a few things in the past months.

here are a few thoughts:in the light,piranha's are really cool lookin when they're close up.  my friend's lil guys have beautiful gold scales![](/attachments/2008/07/35722_200807182332421.thumb.jpg)did you know?  according to wikipedia: "Piranhas occasionally bite and sometimes injure bathers and swimmers, but truly serious attacks are rare and the threat to humans has...Read more

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dear AnD blog...

my dear dear AnD blog,

i have been distant lately.

i miss you.

you've missed quite a few things in the last few months...

i'll fill you in real soon...

hmmm...time for a photo journal???



p.s......i made you a picture album......

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i just learned that "ovenable" is an actual word. (i didn't know!)

i saw it today on food packaging and thought it was a mistake. to my surprise, the word is in online dictionaries. i don't have a large english vocab so i have to kind of look up the words and learn as i go.

i thought they'd use the word "bakeable".

no. it said "non ovenable".

say it ten times fast. it feels funny.

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creative incubation period

happy new year! 

it's been about four months since i've last posted a blog.

i've been in what i call a

"creative incubation period".  during this time i spend a lot of days in a row at home

just creating whatever comes out. 

sometimes it lasts for a few weeks.  this time it's lasted over three months and is still going on.

this...Read more

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....art grows life....

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