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Jun Nishimura
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About Jun Nishimura

Jun Nishimura is a musician and composer who is based in KYOTO Japan. Against the background of his long career as a composer and a keyboardist in the bands playing rock, pops and jazz, etc.,since 1999,Jun Nishimura has turned his playing style from band form to solo performance with Laptop PC and synthesizer. And, in addition to active live performances mainly in KYOTO, he has been evolving his work area into creating tracks and soundeffects for projection arts including animation movies,and Dance performance(contemporary dance,Indian dance,NOH(Japanese traditional dance performance)) And more He makes sound liblaries for a TV program,CM,TV-Game,and movies.

In 2010, he participated in PROGRESSIVE FOrM " forma.3.10/V.A" In 2009, he participated in NINTENDI DS Game Project" NODAME Cantabile". In 2009, "choux-choux " released 1st EP called "Heavenlization" on the iTunes. In 2008, Kalna Katsoum and he formed unit " choux-choux". In 2008, he released 1st Album Album "A-underground(RMT)" on the iTunes In 2007, he succeeded the Germany Tour. In 2007, he released his 1st. EP "marvin" from Merkur(Berlin). In 2007,"redsleep"released perfromance DVD called " The Sun Song". In 2006, he formed performance group " redsleep".

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