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About Me

Born and raised in Southern California, Julia Ling is not only a remarkably talented actress with a versatility for a wide range of characters, but also an inspiration to thousands of peers throughout her life.

Ling trained in peer listening and became a young psychologist at the age of 15, helping counsel her peers and acted as a liaison between the students and faculty. Ling has been known as a truly charming respected leader with sincerity, honesty, and passion for life, learning, and helping others.

"She is truly an amazingly talented young woman who is held in the highest regard by her peers, our faculty, and myself," said her mentor and counselor Carmen Rey. "She is one of the most outstanding young women that I have ever had the pleasure to counsel, both academically and personally, in my career."

The audience was first introduced to the sweet and cute appeal of the young Asian actress in her television debut on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar and Nicholas Brendon. Ling played the vampire slayer potential with the power of the generation. Even in the very last episode of the entire series, Ling demonstrated her outstanding ability to quickly learn fight choreography and martial arts as she slayed ubervamps left and right.


Her parents named her Shei Wei. It meant, The Little Flower that Rises Early in the Morning. She was a child artist at the age of three when she picked up a pencil and drew pictures of her parents enjoying tea. She won many art contests for her sketches and paintings. Her art work has been recognized publicly in the Pasadena Star News, several Chinese newspapers and Temple City magazines. At the age of six, she won a "Best Storyteller Award" and learned to play the piano. She became a little star in the Chinese community of the San Gabriel Valley. By age nine, Julia was performing award-winning solo dances for events throughout California, including an exquisite umbrelaa dance that showed on national television


Suprisingly, Julia did not want to pursue a career in the arts. She went into academics and science with dreams of becoming a neurosurgeon. "I wanted to make a difference in the world before my time is over. I've always felt it was my duty to give and help others." She was an avid dancer, tennis player and swimmer in high school, where she marintained a 4.0 GPA. She was president of her school's German Club, National Honor Society, Amnesty Club, LIterature Club and the Chinese Club. Ling also won a competition for Chinese brush stroke and calligraphy; and volunteered over 14 hours of community service ot her local hospital every week.

Finally, this beautiful, high achieving young woman was selected as a state finalist in the Miss American Pageants Contest at age sixteen.

At UCLA Julia majored in Chemical Engineering and was Vice President of the Engineering Society. During college, she realized her true love for performing and astonished herself by leaving college and pursuing Hollywood as an actress. As much as she loved chemistry and dreamt of being a neurosurgeon; there was only one dream - acting.



  • Favorite Music: Celtic, Rock, Trance, Heavy Metal, Punk, Rock, Classical, Rap, Foreign, New Age, Frank Sinatra (Swinging on a Star, The Way You Look Tonight)
  • Favorite Books: Ayn Rand (Atlas Shrugged, Fountainhead), Laurell K. Hamilton (Anita Blake), Sci-fi/Fantasy books, Engineering & Scientific Magazines

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