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Sukiyaki Western Django

I saw this. And I couldn't resist so I had to share. It's a trailer for a Samurai/Western Movie.

Video: http://hk.youtube.com/watch?v=9-TGaGa3QAcApparently it's been out in the states but I hadn't seen it in HK. The DVD should be released in about a month. I hope it's showing somewhere in HK right now, I want to watch it like crazy.

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I'm starting to notice that my Blog Subject Header names are always apologizing for being away so long. Apologies for that. Small Interior Illos for last few issues of Time Out HK Magazine. Angie Wong's 'Under The Table' article. Screenshot of latest issue (haven't had a ch...Read more

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Lo Siento Me Tarde

Lots going on. Been busy with a bunch of stuff. But I am unfortunately unable to post everything here.

Snapshot of a piece for an upcoming publication:

Couple of doodles:

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Step into my office...

My work studio is pretty much up and running now. I'm very particular about my workspace. Still missing a drawing table and lots of lamps. At night I prefer turning on a bunch of floor and desk lamps, I really dislike office lighting. Or any kind of ceiling lighting actually. it sets my mood for working, and it seems to make the music sound better.Read more

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K is for Kary

Just saw this!! Kary's new website uses a bunch of my drawings I did in the comic book I drew for her in the flash intro loading screen. Check it outHERE!! www.k4kary.com

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Winter Woman

Sometimes I don't draw nipples because I feel like I'll get in trouble.

This is my drawing table back when I was in New York. I miss it like an ex-girlfriend. I can't seem to find one anywhere in HK that sells drawing/drafting tables, does anyone know where I can get...Read more

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Wo da ming zhi shi

A small job I did a little while ago. A business owner named Daisy wanted a name card for this little fashion boutique she owns on King's Road in North Point. Her main issue was that her previous name card didn't reflect the business she was in, and her key point was to be 'elegant'. If you are ever one of those people who get home after an event and realize you have 50 name cards in your pocke...Read more

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My Mind Runs When I Try to Sleep at Night

I usually can't sleep at night, lying in bed for hours while my mind keeps going and doesn't stop. Does anyone else have this problem? The only way I can really fall asleep is to stay awake until I'm totally exhausted, be jetlagged, or intoxicated in one form or another. When I do Illustration gigs on a tight deadline, I don't really sleep at all. Working at night is the best because there's no one to bother you, and you're not obligated to do anything else. Anyone who knows me knows I'm s...Read more

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Totally In Love

Just got back from Taipei. Girls there are so pretty, I fell in love like every 5 minutes. Not the kind of pretty that makes you go "dude, shes hot". But more the kind of pretty where you want to hold her hand and treat her really really well.

By buying her lots of expensive shit, I dunno.

I don't go back that often, but Taiwan feels strangely comfortable.

My grandmas are get...Read more

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My process of working: Wolf+Cub2

This is sort of like Part 2 of one of my older illustrations, inspired by the story Lone Wolf and Cub. The premise of it basically starts where the father sits in front of his baby boy (the mother ran off), and places a bouncing ball and a samurai sword next to each other. If the baby boy crawls towards and chooses the ball, his father will leave him there to be found by authorities to live in a foster home or an orphanage. If the boy chooses the sword, he will follow his father on the path of a fugitive samurai. My older ill...Read more

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