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Look Alike?!

Lately, you would probably see people wearing pok-dot “c” t-shirts on the street in Hong Kong. The t-shirt is 99% looking alike to our own brand ‘c.c’ animation collection in 2009.

Surprise me! The font and the little circle-like design on the right bottom are so much the same. I would like to say THANK YOU TO WHITE CHOCOOLATE. (WHITE CHOCOOLATE is much a better local brand in HK.) We got something in common! haha~ If you wanna get our t-shirt. It’s only available in eleven after eleven at DNA. ($100 each) Cheers! -j最近大家可能會發現一款“c”字波點圖案的T-shirt在香港街頭出現。T-shirt 的款式跟我們自家品牌”c.c”的2009年度動物系列很相似. 就連字款跟右下角的小圓圈都很像. 我看到的第一眼很驚訝呢!

不論如何, 很高興難得香港有名的WHITE CHOCCOOLATE 跟我們家都擁有很像的T-shirt 圖案。我們的taste 都很像吧! haha

如想購買我們自家的款式, 請記得到DNA 商場 2樓 “eleven after eleven” 店, 獨家發售! ($100)

-jc.c website

http://cottoncandy.prologueworks.comeleven after eleven, DNA store location

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