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Johan Karlberg

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NEWS and New trailer of THE RESISTANCE

Video:   the new trailer of the Resistance

im very proud and happy of this movie

more information

please visit the web page:

and also visit 1T Entertainment webpage for more news:

hope all is good :)





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全名: Johan Karlberg 中文姓名或名稱: 李帅 出生日期: 19/03 1984, 瑞典 专业: 男演員 驻地: 北京 / 中国 最近的电视剧: 天行健 即将上映的电影 : 反抗者 (THE RESISTANCE) 天下归心 QQ ...Read more

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Favorite Music Wands, Jay Chou and other popmusic from the 80s
Favorite Movies Shiri, Big Bullet, Metropolis, Street Fighter 2, Blade Runner, American ninja 2
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