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@teikoku_sirou thank you for a great year of 2018, hope to see you again in March 2019 at my 35th birthday, merry C… https://t.co/46lSgoNWMy

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@sinobazu_cafe thank you so much for a great 2018 and I hope to see you all again in March 2019 on my 35th birthday… https://t.co/8MFs1IhIsl

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@cherylmmdance Looks great, oh by the way marry Christmas to you ?? hope you enjoy the Christmas ?

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@sinobazu_cafe Wow ? i didn’t know you girls could lift your legs that high, but I should have known for 2 reasons,… https://t.co/3x9MaKYrg1

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Thank you Watchmojo, 8th place https://t.co/f7aUoNksVq

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The Resistance is ranked number 8 in Watchmojo list TOP 10 fantastic Asia movies


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@cherylmmdance Yes it was very delicious, I recommend to come to Japan ?? it starts to feel like home now

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I celebrated my day in Japan with Japanese beef, I love Japan ?? https://t.co/N979BwAh6R

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The typhoon is finally over, I hope everybody is safe

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@kanon1028_CL Thank you so much, yes I getting better and soon in full recovery :)

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全名: Johan Karlberg 中文姓名或名稱: 李帅 出生日期: 19/03 1984, 瑞典 专业: 男演員 驻地: 北京 / 中国 最近的电视剧: 天行健 即将上映的电影 : 反抗者 (THE RESISTANCE)

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